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Kue Lapis Legit - Quarter Size (1 Flavor)

Kue Lapis Legit - Quarter Size (1 Flavor)

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Moist and rich best describe our butter Kue Lapis. Each layer is misted with dark rum that adds its complex and subtle sweetness to this otherwise simple flavor. This Kue Lapis contains no spices, so it is perfect for those who are not fans of cinnamon.



Dotted with juicy prunes/plums, this classic is an all time favorite and best seller. The flavorful balance of buttery Kue Lapis and fruity prunes will leave you craving for more.


Spiced (Spekkoek)

Our signature flavor is made with our blend of homemade spices. Perfumed with cinnamon, cardamom and other aromatic spices, this is the Kue Lapis that all grandmas would approve.



A modern twist on a traditional cake, nothing can go wrong when you add everyone's favorite spread to anything! Don't dismiss this beautiful marriage of chocolatey goodness and buttery layers, it may seem so wrong, but it's just oh so right!


Our seasonal cheese lapis legit boasts a crunchy cheesy top that leaves a slightly smoky note. It balances sweet and savory perfectly, why choose one when you can have both!


Size: 4" x 4"

Single Flavor: Butter, Prune, Spiced, Nutella, or Cheese

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