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Old Recipe, New Generation!

Specialty Asian desserts freshly baked and out-of-this world delicious! A sure cure for homesickness:). I ordered a box containing Nastar, Almond Cookies, Butter Lapis and several jars of Kaya. All were heavenly.... we Singaporeans are particular about our food and Lapis312 gets top marks!

Betts Manry-Chua

Highly recommend! Cakes are awesome. Very original and tasty. I’ve tried others but Lapis312 Lapis Legit and Lapis Surabaya are simply the best.

Sari Achadi Irwin

I bought one butter lapis and a jar of Kaya. Had it mailed to the LA area in California. Tastes amazing and just like home. My Caucasian husband thinks it’s too expensive but I think the taste of home is priceless! Delicious!!! Will definitely order again.

Esther Chloe Happ

I ordered a spekkoek cake for a family reunion with my sisters. When the cake arrived and we opened it, it not only looked and smelled like our Grandmothers, but tasted absolutely amazing. The cake was definitely a highlight of our reunion and reminded us of great family gatherings and times together. Thank you @lapis312 for baking such a delightful treat.

Joni Villanueva

Butter Lapis Legit is so moist & soft. Perfectly sweetened and I had found my fave Lapis Legit...then I tried the Nutella Lapis Legit and Wow!!!...u have to try it to believe how wonderful it taste. The lapises & cookies are well packaged too. I am beyond 100% satisfied with the lapises & cookies. So glad I found Lapis312.

T S Ratna